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Our Responsibility in the Great Commission


I’d like to take this moment to update you all in a small moment of my ministry. We are preparing a free download of one of my books on the Great Commission.

The book has to do mainly in understanding what the Great Commission actually is, including brief studies of Greek words in the commission of Jesus Christ, as well as application in our responsibilities, as Christians, in performing the mandate itself.

I truly believe in this late day and age that it is necessary for every Christian, regardless of how small or mature the faith or beginning of grace in heart, to understand what is being asked and expected, what is our duty to God, for His glory, and our blessing.

We, every Christian, are one body. We have one purpose – the glory of God – and there are specific instructions by way of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, by which it will be accomplished, and that is “as we are going.”

Please join me in this study, and I pray that this will be helpful to the Church at large. Also, I ask that you pray for us as we prepare this material. God bless.

Your obedient servant in Christ Jesus,

Joel Taylor